Hucul ponies  |  Beach volleyball |  The Grillhouse

Our Hucul ponies – Bobo and Pegaz

Mountains, fields, meadows and forests look even more beautiful at the gallop from the back of a horse. We can offer experienced riders trips to explore the most attractive hideaways and secrets of our area.

For children (and those who would like to simply try something new), a short, fifteen minute tour of the garden on the back of Bobo is the perfect introduction.

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Beach volleyball

Long summer evenings call for spending as much time as possible outside in the fresh air. It is particularly fine to spend such moments ‘actively relaxing’ and what better way than playing volleyball or badminton on our beach court?

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The Grillhouse

Summer barbecues can be taken to the next level in our well-appointed grillhouse. With wooden tables and benches for a crowd and lights to keep the party going, it is a perfect place for evening gatherings and singalongs.

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